Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo Update & Some Recent Shots

Wow!  I know it's been a long time since I've posted any photos here mostly due to the fact that I completely lost all my photos when the hard drive on my computer crashed.  So I've basically  had to start over again but I still need a new computer before I can do to much.

Right before my hard drive crashed I entered an "Outside Bozeman" photo contest.  I sent in 10 of my best photos to date in hopes that I will win one of the prizes.  I haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully soon!

Here are some of my most recent photos from some of our adventures.  Enjoy!

These next few pictures are some of the scenery we have seen on our hikes.

Moonlight & Sunsets

These next pictures are from Ted Turners property...

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam

There are literally thousands of free range buffalo on Mr. Turner's property.

These next few are of some wildflowers we have seen on our hikes

Thanks for stopping by.  I will be posting more of my photography more frequently as soon as I get some more storage space for the computer I am using. 

Come on back now, you hear?!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Randomness Adventures

These are some of my favorite random shots taken while on our adventures during some different road trips.

From a Ghost Town
Pony, MT

I think this is an awesome entrance to someone's ranch
I think the mustache is made from coyote tails. 

I like the lighting exposure of this photo

An old homestead

Another old homestead

An old school house built in 1901

Toston Bridge over the Missouri River

I like how the tree created a frame for this photo
Missouri River, Toston, MT

A huge eagles nest

Overlooking natural beauty

I love these old trees

Lesson of the week - Practicing taking photos while on belly, knees or back. 
I'm on my belly for this one 

I like the different dimensions and the cat tails in the middle

I'm on my knees for this one

Just a great shot of the mountains and sky here in Bozeman

**This week's practice tip is to take lots of photos of different subjects while on your knees, belly and back.  It helps you learn to see things more creatively and at a different angle, which adds much more dimension and elements to your photos. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birds & Beauty

One of my favorite outdoor activities is going on hikes.  Most of my photographs are taken while on hikes.  I enjoy taking photos of nature's natural beauty and of wildlife.  In essence, I love to capture the beauty in all of Gods creations.  

Here are some pictures I took while on a nature hike through Bozeman, Montana on March 21st.

Red-Winged Black Bird
I think these birds are just gorgeous!

Many, many Ducks were flying in for landings in this pond
I never got a great shot of them flying though.  Must need more practice!

You can see part of town in background - So pretty!

I love the vibrant red of their wings. 

Gorgeous Mallard

I look forward to the snow melting and the temperatures to warm up so we can go on many more hikes into the back country.  There are a couple places I have picked out that I am really excited to check out and photogragh.  Now if the weather would just cooperate with my plans! 


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nature Hike

My husband and I went on a couple different nature hikes this past weekend. I was able to get some pretty awesome scenic photos. That's my opinion at least! There were so many that I liked that I decided to display them in this slide show. I hope you enjoy.

Most of these were taken just down the street from my home, along the Gallatin River in Belgrade, MT.  A few were taken near a place we call Antelope, where Bill and his paraglider buddies go paragliding.